• HR Policy
  • HR Policy

Human Resources Policy

Iron and Steel – A world of development and competition

Our Expectations as Ege Çelik

  • Appropriate education or training for the job
  • Intelligence and the capacity to adapt to change
  • Personal caution and skills required by the conditions of heavy industry
  • The ability to carry responsibility under the challenging conditions of heavy industry
  • A focus on personal development and improving the competitive working environment surroundings
  • The social skills required in teamwork
  • Trainability
  • Steadily improving and developing performance
  • A disciplined and stable approach to work
  • Dedication to protect the interests of the company

Hiring and Appointments

We appoint our employees to vacant positions according to their training, certification, licensing, experience, and past performance. Our aim is to have the individual reach a level of knowledge and skills that will allow them to take on the full responsibilities of the job and position as soon as possible. The changing conditions in the sector and new technologies require a rapid adaptation at all times. As a company, our target is to work with all of our employees to develop together, achieve high quality production, and enjoy a high quality of life.

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